Titan 1000D Motorcycle & ATV Lift Table Buyer Guide, Information & Review-What you need to know


Titan 1000D Motorcycle Lift Table

We purchased the Titan 1000D motorcycle table lift here at Law Abiding Biker!™ Podcast & Media to use in the garage/shop where we film all our free videos on our very popular YouTube Channel & our useful for purchase videos. We purchased the lift from Ian Gilmore at Red Line Engineering as they are a distributor for Titan Motorcycle Lifts. Redline Engineering carries an array of motorcycle lifts aside from the Titan.

The base price for this model is $899.50 as of this date with “free shipping”.  We had to pay extra shipping, because to deliver to us in Washington State it exceeded $200. We did not know that and the Red Line Engineering  website just says “free shipping” & does not state a limit. I felt that is a little misleading for bikers & I only found this out when I actually called to inquire on the lift. A fix would be to put “up to $200 free shipping” on their website, but that is just my suggestion. I certainly don’t think they did it maliciously.

Listen in. You will learn a ton from Ian Gilmore!

Titan 1000D Lift Table Tutorial, Review, & Informational Video!

ORANGE-Button-short-WatchNowAdditional shipping information video from Redline Engineering.

The market is saturated with motorcycle lift tables, jacks, & companies. It can be overwhelming when you start shopping for a lift. The last thing we want is for a biker/motorcyclist to spend their hard-earned money on a motorcycle lift table or jack only to get ripped off or treated badly by a company that doesn’t care about them. Customer service is super important to us here and we will not give our money to any company that does not have the absolute best of customer service. There are just too many choices for me to put up with that.

Ian Gilmore at Red Line Engineering did what we expect [Continue reading]

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