LAB-69-Why You Should Have Officers, Leadership, & Structure in Your Motorcycle Biker Club PT. #1

Leadership-Biker-Motorcycle-Clubs-300x189PODCAST & BLOG-This is part one of a two part motorcycle club leadership podcast series. Motorcycle biker clubs can operate in many different ways. Some are unorganized and lack leadership within. In a sense, and depending on your definition, that may not even be considered a true “motorcycle club”, but more of a “riding group”. In my years I have watched many motorcycle clubs and groups come and go and I can guarantee in most every case it was because of a lack of organization, structure, and leadership. With poor or no leadership there is no order or any reason for members to even have order. With that comes little groups & clicks within, lack of direction, lack of order, lack of pride, & lack of control. That will all erode a club or group’s foundation in time.

I helped start and was the president of another larger motorcycle club chapter for many years. I also helped create and form the Sworn Few LEMC from the ground up, in which I am currently the Mother Chapter President. I can tell you, successful clubs that want very close knit long lasting brotherhood & success have [Continue reading]

LAB-68-Sit, Stay, Ride Motorcycle Sidecar Dogs Documentary Film Interview With Creator Eric Ristau

Sit Stay Ride Sidecar Dogs Biker Motorcycle Podcast

PODCAST-In this episode I have the pleasure of interviewing Eric Ristau from Missoula, Montana. Eric and his wife Geneva are independent filmmakers. Their most recent film is called Sit Stay Ride and is a special story of America's motorcycle sidecar … [Continue reading]

LAB-67-Motorcycle Lift Tables & What you Need to Know-Guest Ian Gilmore of Redline Engineering

Biker Motorcycle Podcast Lift Jacks Art

PODCAST-We have created a new resource here at Law Abiding Biker™ Podcast & Media. There is now a page that has everything to do with motorcycle lift tables and jacks. We are reviewing, filming, and testing these lifts and jacks for all the … [Continue reading]