VIDEO-How to Fold Roll Your Clothes Compactly for a Motorcycle Trip | Biker Clothes Pack

Biker Podcast Clothes Pack OfficialVIDEO & BLOG-Have you ever wondered how to properly fold/roll your clothes in a compact way before taking that next motorcycle trip? Do you want to save room in your saddle bags, trunk, or T-bag? Well, in this video I answer all those questions. This is an absolute must see video for all motorcyclists/bikers and is completely free from your friends here at Law Abiding Biker Podcast & Media! I just went on a seven day motorcycle trip and would have loved to know this trick!

Also, check out another completely free tutorial video from Law Abiding Biker Podcast & Media on how to fold/roll your chaps into a compact and easy to store “chap pack”!

I learned this technique and it had nothing to do with bikers. In fact, it was some crummy video on some social media site with a mother packing her son’s swim bag. A light bulb (not often for me) went off and I just knew that I needed to get this out to bikers/motorcyclists. I wanted to share it with the awesome law abiding biker community, who has been so supportive of this platform.

As bikers/motorcylists we all know how [Continue reading]

VIDEO-Harley Davidson Hammock Heated Rider and Passenger Touring Seat | Complete Guide & Instructions FREE

Harley Hammock Heated Seat Biker Podcast 2

VIDEO & BLOG-Law Abiding Biker Podcast & Media brings you a complete FREE tutorial video on how to install the Harley Davidson Hammock Heated Rider and Passenger Touring Seat (Harley Part #52000127). Additionally, I give you a full review of … [Continue reading]