LAB-Sons of Anarchy (SOA) Season 7; Eps 13-SERIES FINALE-Podcast

PODCAST-We are covering the Series Finale of the Sons of Anarchy television show, which aired on December 9, 2014 on FX Network and was titled “Papa’s Goods”. We loved the SOA series and have mostly good things to say about this completely fictional show about a criminal motorcycle/biker club. Many loyal viewers and listeners of this podcast found the series finale to be a bit anti-climatic and not necessarily written to expectations. It seemed rushed and left many things up in the air. Out of fairness, that may have been the purpose to leave room for a follow up show or movie.

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Jax ends up tying more things up in preparation for his death. He advises Nero to take the boys to Norco, CA. He does not want them growing up in Charming and his death is to end a saga of bad family and life decisions over generations. Jax destroys all documents left behind by his deceased father John Teller. He also destroys his own journals and wants to leave nothing behind to be dredged up by anyone. He truly wants a better life for his young boys Abel and Thomas. Accompanying Nero and the boys to the farm will be Wendy, who is Jax’s ex-wife, but they recently rekindled their relations.

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Jax received a Mayhem vote from the president’s of other chapters that were selected to review the incident where Jax killed Jury, the President of the Indian Hills Chapter, after Jax thought he had ratted to the Chinese where SAMCRO was stashing their guns. Jax accepts this fate and it seems to be part of his overall plan.

After accepting the Mayhem vote his only request was to [Continue reading]

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